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Dentastix - A unique new concept in toothpick design

DentaPX is a toothpick made of flexible plastic.
So, what's new? The
surface and the shape!

Rugged surface: Can prevent plaque build-up and removes lodged food while it gently messages gums

Cone shape (slim point widens to thicker base): Fits naturally in spaces between teeth regardless of opening size.

Blunt tip: Rounded tip reduces risk of injury to gums.

Flexible: Can be bent to access even the hardest to reach areas.

Plastic: Unlike wood, plastic does not splinter and will not lose shape when wet; hygienic.

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The benefits of DentaPX

Regular use helps to keep teeth and gums healthy.

DentaPx are easier to use than floss and, unlike floss, can be used anytime, anywhere!

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